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půjčky jihočeský kraj
buffalo joes


three evanston locations

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Welcome to Buffalo Joes!

Stop in for some of the North Side's best wings, perfect for a quick snack for one or party platter for twenty. Great for game days and get-togethers of all kinds. Choose the location nearest you and call ahead to order!

Best Buffalo Wings: Joe Prudden of Buffalo Joe’s in Evanston is the Chicago area’s wing pioneer. He won’t divulge all the ingredients in his surprisingly sparse sauce, but a little can go a long way. There’s the tasty Mild sauce, the powerful Spicy sauce, and, for crazed machos, the Suicide sauce.

Best Burgers: Buffalo Joe's, known for its chicken wings, can now add another feather to its cap. There's no fancy recipe here, just 1/3 lb of quality steer meat per burger, fresh ingredient and cheddar cheese. A gourmet burger at fast-food prices.

Best Attention-Getter on a Menu: Buffalo chips, which are waffle-cut fries, at Buffalo Joe's in Evanston.